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The Rock ‘n’ Roll That Didn’t Rock

Sunday Derek and I suffered through ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll half in Dallas. This was our 2nd time to do this race and honestly, probably our last. We both definitely prefer smaller races and this one is HUGE.  The whole parking situation is a pain, given that the race doesn’t start and end at the same place (why can’t they just start and end at Fair Park?!?!) and when you add that to the cost ($12 to park at the Expo to pick up your packet, seriously?!?!), it just isn’t worth it.

Anyhoo, we had been watching the weather closely, as we always do before a race and knew that conditions weren’t going to be all that runner friendly.  40 degrees with a stiff 25-30 mph north wind does not a happy runner make.  In fact, that morning, as we got dressed at the butt crack of dawn, Derek offered more than once for us to just go back to bed.  Just a few hours later, I was wishing that I had taken him up on that offer, because this race did not go well for me.  I didn’t feel awesome when we got up, I rarely do at 4 freaking am, but all the way there I knew my tummy wasn’t feeling quite right.  I chalked it up to pre-race nerves and hoped I would feel better once I got going.  Long story short…I didn’t.  I had to make a couple of pit stops along the course (which is no bueno in a race this size because there is a long line at every porta potty stop) and pretty much felt crappy (pun intended) the entire way.

It was, you could say, a lesson in perseverance though and by dang, I finished the sucker.  I definitely can’t say that I enjoyed myself, but I’m over it and am already looking forward to another half in a few weeks.  Derek promises me that races like this one will make the good ones that much sweeter, so I’m hoping that theory pans out.  We shall see…


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