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the two new members of our family, the very regal King Leo…

and the very petite Princess Pepper.

*I’ll pause here to wait for everyone who knows me very well to get back up into the chairs they just fell out of*  I think I’ve mentioned here before that I am a tiny bit of a neat freak.  OK fine, maybe more than a tiny bit.  Anyway, my neatfreakishness is one of the biggest reasons we haven’t had pets since we started having babies.  I’ve always told people that 6 living creatures in this house is PLENTY and that we didn’t need any pets to add to the chaos. But after years of Jaden begging and pleading for a kitty cat, and everyone being of the age where we feel confident that they can and will take on the responsibility, we decided to go for it. We went on Pet, found a shelter that had some cute possible matches and trekked off to Euless Sunday to see if any of the kitties liked us, and of course, vice versa. A few hours later, we arrived home with these two sweeties.  They are 8 month old siblings, are already spayed and neutered (which is awesome!) and it is obvious that they were well cared for and came from a very loving foster home.  They are just about the sweetest things EVER and we are all in love, yes, even me, Miss We’re-Not-Having-Pets-Ever.  Their foster mom told us about how she had a litter box enclosure built in her garage that they accessed through a kitty door in the wall, and we thought it was so genius that we set up something similar here.  We found an extra large dog crate, parked it next to the wall in the garage with the side door open, installed the kitty door (which they get to through Derek’s office) and voila, no kitty litter in the house!  The kitties are safe in their little potty room and Mommy and the cleaning ladies are happy that the mess and let’s face it, the smell, are contained to the garage.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

We are all still getting to know each other, but the kitties are settling in nicely and seem very comfortable in their new home.  Jaden and Jack are especially enamored with them, but even Jacey and Jakob think they’re pretty cool.  Of course, they both spend a lot of time with me during the day, so I’m not exactly having the most productive week so far, lol.  It’s much more fun to sit and cuddle these babies than it is to do laundry, that’s for sure.  Today I found them sleeping together on one of the dining room chairs but woke Leo up when I brought the camera in to get a pic.  I love how he’s looking over her, he’s much larger than she is and we can tell he is used to being the “big” brother.

I will say that photographing kitties is NOT easy, but I’m sure these two will adjust soon to life in the home of a photographer.  Be looking for them to make more appearances on the blog in the near future.  😉


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Grace - Congratulations Marla!! They are adorable. We adopted two 6 wk old kittens a month ago. I can totally relate to everything you wrote. I have a ton of photos of my two kitties too. Looking forward to seeing these two on your blog in the future.


Janet - Awwww — they are so very cute!! Sounds like a perfect setup! Enjoy!!

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