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Fit Friday – Heels and Hills Half

Last Sunday I ran in my 2nd Heels and Hills half marathon.  I really enjoyed it last year and knew I’d be back.  It’s a flat course on the very pretty Campion Trail in Irving, is a really nice, smallish race and the bling is pink.  Hello!?!?  How can you not love a race with pink bling?!?  The weather was absolutely perfect, I was able to keep my jacket on until right before the start and then handed it off to my really sweet Sherpa for the day, Derek, before taking off.  I have to say I felt awesome for the first 8 miles of this race, like really awesome.  The miles were just ticking away and I was totally enjoying myself.  I was on pace to set a good PR and then suddenly my tummy started to bother me (yes, this is a recurring theme with me lately).  I had to make a stop, and it pretty much took the wind out of my sails, but I still posted my 3rd fastest time out of 9 half marathons.  Obviously I need to work a bit on my pre-race nutrition.  I think I know what the problem is, so I’m making some adjustments this week (skipping the salads and eating earlier Saturday) and am hoping to feel better at the half I’m running on Mother’s Day.

My high school friend, Shona, also ran at Heels and Hills, and her hubby snapped a couple of pics of us at the finish.  Despite the tummy issues, I really enjoyed this race yet again, and will definitely be back.


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