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Our Peanut is 9

Nine, that’s almost double digits!?!?! I demand a recount, this can’t be possible. Ah but it is, somehow my baby girl is already 9. She started off her day with volleyball and then celebrated later with a trip to Build a Bear with of few of her sweet friends. There were lots of hugs, giggles and silliness, which is exactly the way my girl likes to party.

The girls with their creations.
I just don’t know what we’re going to do about Jaden’s shyness, she really needs to come out of her shell. Heh.
We had a pretty crazy week and weekend so I haven’t had a chance to get her out for her “official” birthday shoot yet, but we’ll do that soon. Thanks to everyone who helped her celebrate her day, including all of you who commented to her on Facebook, she loves that.:)

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! - Haha!!! Shy she is not……

I love your Pinkalicious Peanut!! Wish we would have been there to celebrate her big day. Looks like she and her friends had a blast at BAB. Sarah would have picked the same bear Jaden did….. very cute.

Hope y’all have a great week….try to take it easy. You are coming down from one CURAZY weekend:)



East Coast Shannon - What a fun day!! Happy Birthday you ALL GROWN UP 9 year old PEANUT!! Holy GEEZZZ!!! Where has the time gone?!!!

I sure hope you had a fabulous day and enjoyed the dance jig in the pink outfit!! Love it!!

Michelle - Happy birthday to your beautiful 9 year old!

Jennifer - She looks like a ton of fun! :) Happy birthday kiddo! :)

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