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A little boy and his little lamb

When the Doodle was small, he had a little lamb that he loved. He carried him around, slept with him each night and called him “Baby Yam” before he could say his L’s correctly. He took him with us on vacation to the beach in 2008 and sometime after that trip, though we’re not quite certain when, Baby Yam got misplaced. I’ve been accused of donating him (I have a habit of purging our house frequently and often get blamed if something comes up “missing” lol), but I am very sure that I did not donate that lamb.

Fast forward to early last week, Jack brought a book downstairs for us to read, as he often does at night, and we headed off to my room to “snuggle up” and read it in my bed.


*This is one of the many books that Derek’s mom bought for “Baby Jack”, she always signed the books she gave the kids and it makes me smile to see her name on them. Jack doesn’t remember her, as she passed away when he was only 18 months old, but he knows his Grammie is the one who gave him all the stuff that says “Baby Jack” on it. She was the only one who called him that and probably still would today if she were here.

Anyway, about half way through the book, at the part where Little Lamb loses his way and hopes his shepherd will find him, Jack burst into tears. He’d suddenly remembered Baby Lamb and was very upset that we’d never been able to find him. He asked where Baby Lamb was, if I thought he was hurt or scared and kept saying “But I’m Baby Lamb’s shepherd and I need to find him!” It was just about the sweetest (and saddest) thing I’ve ever seen. We finished the book, dried his tears and I knew after he went to bed what I had to do. I immediately started scouring the internet, determined to find my guy a new baby lamb. I could only find one picture of him, from our beach vacation, but it was enough to help me remember what he looked like and after a few minutes of searching, I found one on eBay. I made an offer, it was accepted immediately and Baby Lamb II was on the way!

Derek went with me to pick up Jack from school on Monday and I had my little surprise along in the car, as he had arrived in the mail that afternoon. Needless to say, the Doodle was THRILLED. He was so precious, talking to and hugging him and he must have thanked me for him 10 times that afternoon. He obviously knows he’s not “the” Baby Lamb and that I had to buy a new one, but he doesn’t care, he’s just glad to have his old friend back. That night, we read his book again with Baby Lamb snuggled up in bed right there with us and it was perfection.


It’s amazing how something so small can make someone so happy, I think I should take some lessons from my little guy and start appreciating the “little” things more.

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! - Awwww…. this is such a sweet post! That last picture really says it all! It’s as if he was just reunited with his very best friend. SO CUTE!

How special to have that book from Derek’s Mom…..I am sure it is something that he will always treasure.

Happy Saturday~



Alice - What a kind sensitive parent for a kind sensitive little boy! Your little effort made a BIG impact! Kudos to YOU!

Carolin - oh Marla, how sweet. That’s one precious little guy you have!

Aleasing - Precious post – I had to read again thru the tears!!!

Stunning pictures ^_^

Robin - Oh Marla! What a super sweet post … Seriously brought tears to my eyes reading it!! What a little doll!!

likeschocolate - So darling! My son is 12 and he still has his big chocolate teddy bear.

jade - And such beautiful pictures you made of the two of them “reunited” – baby Jack’s a brilliant shepherd!

Maddy - Awww!! He’s so darling with his little lamb! You’re a great mommy for finding him a new little lamb to call his own :) Hey! I’m thinking Baby Lamb should meetup with Wonderboy’s “Kiddie” next time your in town ;o)

Ani - This post made me tear up… Our oldest has a puppy dog that is his “best friend” and I am forever worried that we will misplace him when traveling (as Puppy comes with us on plane trips!) I have a backup Puppy, and although I wash him regularly to ensure he’s not “new, new”, it would be very tough on us all if the original Puppy was misplaced!

Lisa S - That is so precious. Awwww, makes me smile and shed a tear. Thanks for sharing!

Special K - That is the sweetest story. So glad you found a replacement.

Faith Hope Love Photography - For precious….even little boys have lovey’s. So stinkin’ cute!

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