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B&W Wednesday, Brrrrrrr

One word comes to mind when I think of winter in Texas. Unpredictable. OK, that’s not entirely true, several other words have crossed my mind and lips lately, but I’d probably be better off not sharing those here. We can literally go from lounging by the pool one day to playing in the snow the next and that’s exactly what we did last week. Except we weren’t exactly playing for most of the week, we were stuck indoors because of ice that came down and stayed. My kids have missed 5 of their last 7 days of school, including today, and I’ve about had it. Luckily, warmer temps are on the way and they can’t get here fast enough as far as I’m concerned. This Southern chick was not made for winter!

We did get some half-way decent snow at the end of the week from hell, so of course, I headed out with the kids and the camera. Jakob, as always, wanted nothing to do with freezing himself to death to play in the snow, so you’ll notice he’s absent from these. Smart kid, I tell ya.

Anyone care to take a dip?
No really, the water’s nice, come on in.
The grill hasn’t seen much action lately.
The snow was super powdery, so the kids had a hard time actually building anything. They mostly just threw big hand-fulls at each other.
jadensnowweb jaceyweb
I’m looking forward to seeing these candles glowing warm and pretty soon instead of sitting out there full of ice and snow.

Hope you’re staying warm and safe this week!

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Love Letters To China - That is the craziest thing to see….snow and ice in the pool! Can’t even imagine it when we have temps in the 80’s lately. Love the pics of your kids throwing the snow.

Stay warm!

jade - Must be funny to have snow on the sunbeds… I’d stay inside as well – really nice new header!

Shawna&Co. - We sure have had some crazy weather this year! I live in Iowa where we haven’t had all that much snow compared to normal. It must be hitting you all instead. We just have freezing temps! Love the kids pictures playing in the snow.
{found you through B/W Wed :) }

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! - It is so FUNNY to see all that snow in your pool!!

Looks like the J’s had so much fun out there throwing snow:)

Hopefully that was your last snow day for the year and y’all will be out there by the pool enjoying the sunshine and warmth very soon!

Luv Ya~



Coffee Queen - Oh. My. Gosh. This California girl cant even imagine how cold it is there to FREEZE A POOL! And yet your kids look like they are having a blast…mine think 50 is too cold and calls for nothing but video games. Great capture!

Faith Hope Love Photography - I can imagine it feels like when we get to go on vacation and have to come back to 40 below weather….hate it!! Love this series though and that pool looks so, so cold.

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