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A Very Savvy Weekend

A few weeks ago, I attended the Savvy Sisterhood – Workshop on the Waterfront in Alys Beach, FL and can now officially call myself a Savvy Sister. Mother Nature tried her best to make things difficult by dumping a ton a rain on us for pretty much the entire weekend, but we adapted and overcame and didn’t let the rain keep us from laughing, learning and enjoying every minute.

Our accommodations in Alys Beach were top notch, the houses were absolutely spectacular and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who wanted to move in permanently. Our pinkalicious monogrammed swag bags were filled with all sorts of goodies and greeted us cheerfully as we were escorted to our rooms by our awesome workshop host, Marsha, who you might know better as the Savvy Photographer.

Unfortunately, the weather did prevent us from getting to do any beach shooting, but like I said, we made the best of the conditions and were blessed with some very patient and cooperative (not to mention gorgeous) models who were more than willing to dodge a little rain for us.

Our speakers’ presentations were full of TONS of amazing information and so inspiring. Alice, Beth, Kara, and Laura, I cannot thank you all enough for sharing yourselves with us and am so honored to have met each of you. And to my fellow Savvy attendees, it was a pleasure meeting each of you, too! I look forward to following all of you on your photography journeys and have no doubt that there are big things in store for you ladies!

Of course, one of the very best things about attending this workshop is that I was able to be there with my dear friend, Lisa. We had so much fun together, as we always do, and I hated it when it was time for us to part company…which we did in Atlanta of all places, there’s nothing quite like a cancelled flight to make getting home an interesting adventure. Lisa and I (and all of the attendees) had head shots done while we were there and the fabulous Kara May captured these for us.

There is already talk of a Savvy reunion and I can’t wait until it’s time to pack back up and go see my “Savvy Sistas” again. Party bus, anyone? 😉

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Michelle R Photography - I linked through the other day on my phone and didn’t leave a comment, so I just had to come back and tell you how fabulous you and Lisa look in your portraits!!! And as always, I absolutely LOVE your photography. Your images of the Savvy models are gorgeous!!! Looks like you and Lisa had such a wonderful trip!!

Kelleyn - Hadn’t realized you had moved. Thankfully, I caught it! These shots are beautiful. Love the ones of you and Lisa. Your new site is stunning. Where did you learn how to do the photo slide show for header. I love this concept, but have no idea how to do it? Now I need to go read your recent post.

Typical Friday Night

I need to work on capturing more of the little things that go on around here that make me smile. Tonight as I walked past my bedroom door and glanced in, I couldn’t help but turn around and go grab the camera. It’s just a typical Friday night moment, but I wanted to remember it. We don’t let the J’s watch TV or play video games during the week (we’d much rather they concentrate on something school-related), so on Friday evenings they usually gravitate toward an electronic device of some sort to get their “fix”. Tonight the Doodle chose to watch a DVD in the peace and quiet of our bedroom. There was just something about him standing there, in his school uniform and his Batman cape, that made me pause and smile. I really need to appreciate these little moments more than I do, they just don’t stay little for long, do they?

the long road

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End the Word

Today is the 5th annual ‘Spread the Word to End the Word’ awareness day, aimed at ending the hurtful use of the R-word (“retard(ed)”) negatively impacting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Please be aware that your words can be hurtful, even if you’re just joking or didn’t mean it that way.  Use respectful people first language, ALWAYS.  Our family thanks you.

Language affects attitudes. Attitudes impact actions.

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The Peanut is 10!

Another J is in the double digits! How did this happen?!?! Unfortunately, I missed Jaden’s actual birthday because the flight that was supposed to bring me home from FL was cancelled, but we made up for it the next day with an awesome dinner at her favorite place, PF Chang’s. She is heading to Austin for a big field trip tomorrow and then having a spa birthday party this weekend with some of her best girlfriends, so it’s turning out to be a fantastic birthday week!

We only had time for a few quick snaps before we headed to dinner, but I couldn’t let the sun go down without catching her cuteness with the camera. Peace, Love, Peanut. 😉

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Joining the Savvy Sisterhood

I am SO excited that tomorrow I’m heading down to FL for this amazing workshop hosted by The Savvy Photographer!  I am really looking forward to learning from all of these talented ladies and most of all, getting to see and be there with my bestie, Lisa. There will be much to share when I return!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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