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Sometimes it’s not about the bling…

You have to love a race that’s close to home and for a good cause. Andrew Esparza was a police officer in Irving who was killed in the line of duty in 2007. Each year, his family has two races, one in Irving and one in Burleson to raise money for the foundation created in his name and this year our family participated in both. I can see this race being a tradition for us for many years to come.

Me and my cute sleepyheads 


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Heels and Hills and Him Half

After running the Heels and Hills half back in May, I knew I wanted to do their next race, Heels and Hills and Him in September. I really liked the course (read: it’s nice and flat) and I love that it’s a smaller race. They still had a few long stretches (really long when you run as slowly as I do) between water stations, but I still enjoyed myself and managed a small PR.

Peace out, yo.  I really need to come up with something more original to do when I pass race photographers.


Favorite part of the race, the FINISH line.


Several friends were also along at this one, but I only managed to end up with a pic of me, Heather and Bonnie. 


 The bling, which looks so lovely hanging with my pink one from May.


Another 13.1 in the books, next up on the schedule…the DRC half in November.

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Labor Day Rangers 5K

This was a fun little race around the Rangers Ballpark. OK, HOT, but still fun. And you can’t beat actually getting to use a real bathroom before a race instead of a porta potty (hey, it’s the little things that make me happy). No bling to show, but it was a fun morning with friends.


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First Day of School


First day of 4th, 1st, 6th and 8th grades for the J’s. I don’t get to take a shot of them all together any more, Jacey and Jakob get to sleep later than the littles and have no interest in getting up early for pictures. Here’s hoping for another awesome school year!

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Favorite Photo Friday – "S"umming up the week

Our week as told by my iPhone and Instagram. Again.


Tried this for the first time this week, it’s pretty good but a little tart for me. I think I’ll try it with a splash of freshly squeezed juice next time.  (wasn’t it you, Lisa, who said it was good that way?)


Spent some time in the pool, as always. I can tell we’re nearing the end of summer though because I actually heard one of the kids say something to the effect of “Ugh, we’re going swimming, again?!?!”


These Rainier cherries were SO good and didn’t last long once we discovered how yummy they were. We also got some pears this week that are amazing, I’m going to devour another one today with my lunch. 


I dried some of the yellow roses from my mom’s funeral for her shelf in our family room. The big butterfly and gorgeous picture of her make me smile, even though I’m missing her terribly.


We had a little sprinkler fun one night (fully clothed, lol) and then all jumped in the pool. I love spontaneous silliness with my kids. 


I’ve never been much of a hat person, but I love the fedora I got earlier in the summer and always feel sassy when I wear it.  You gotta love being able to cover up a funky hair day, too. 


Being a runner in Texas in the summertime is HARD. I keep plugging away, a few miles at a time, but will be SO glad when some cooler weather arrives. And yes, I could go to the gym and run on the “dreadmill” but I hate the thing, so I’ll just have to continue to sweat it out on the road. 


Hehe, I could not for the life of me come up with an “s” word for this one (what is it with me and the letter themes lately?!?!) but “psyched” definitely describes how we’re feeling about our upcoming beach vacation. My dad will be joining us and I know he’s as pumped as we are. Oh, and I took this a couple of days ago, as of today, the magic number is 8!

Hope you all have had a “s”uper week (getting “s”ick of this yet?)!  Happy Favorite Photo Friday! (and how cute is Lisa’s new bookmark button?!?!?)

  the long road

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Wanda - Haha….adorable post. I’m loving this weekly rap-up. I feel all caught up.

Hope the next 10 days fly till you can get to your beach!


Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography - These are AWESOME!!!!!!! Love your snack

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! - Well I love your letter themes!!!

And aren’t you sneaking deleting those photos from Instagram and saving them for Friday:))

I LOVE that selfie of you in the hat!!

Have a fabulous Sunday my friend~



write my research paper - Wow really adorable photos of the kids..that gigantic goggles look so cute on a water boy…I just loving watching the photos here really…

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